2020 - Solo exhibition, 'Healing forest', Life Care Center, Brussels, Belgium

2020 - Collective exhibition 'Arborescences, parc Elisabeth, Brussels, Belgium

2020 - Collective exhibition 'Carte de visite', Vanderborght space, Brussels, Belgium

2019 - Collective exhibition 'Biennale Baron Pierre Paulus de Châtelet', Châtelet city hall, 

2019 - Semi-Honorable mention, Art Olympia, Tokyo, Japan

2019 - Solo exhibition, 'Courant Sagesse', Maurice Carême Library, Brussels, Belgium

2019 - Collective exhibition, 'Carte de visite', Vanderborght space, Brussels, Belgium

2018 - Collective exhibition, 'Prix Louis Schmidt' 56th Edition, ULB , Brussels, Belgium

LiNe is a young belgian artist living in Brussels. Born in Brazil, she kept from her childhood a vivid sense of colors.
Living painting as a form of meditation she plays with technique in a very personal way.
Passionnate about graphic research Line enjoys to use mixed media and combines repetitive patterns and happy color schemes to create abstract landscape.
LiNe's paintings depicts fragment of nature and inner lands inviting us to enter her visions and build further attractive, dreamlike and colorful spaces.
After studying Law and Fashion Design, LiNe worked as a kidswear and license designer while progressively dedicating more time to the realms of imagination with her paintings.
Line first exhibited her paintings in 2018, she is always happy to tackle new creative challenges. Feel free to contact her for a new painting or freelance design&prints collaborations.
AWAKE THE SLEEPING GIANT, mixed media on paper, 2019
This painting depicts a dormant inner force that awakens and rushes
towards conquest and a release of potential.