Mixed media on canvas, 2020 



“Looking and listening very closely to the special song of nature during the lockdown was my way to cope with this difficult time. My focus was on the new season blooming in my neighborhood.

Each time I went out to buy food or breathe some air, I took pictures with my phone of each flowerbed and colors I could find on my way.

With all those colors in my head, I started painting each day a few butterflies and flowers.  As the time grew longer I started cutting them out and pasting them on my walls.

By the end of the lockdown, I felt like I had invited the nature song in my home as my walls were filled with it.

Playing with colors on the very same shapes each day felt like coloring mandalas. I've lived this process like a meditative travel.

I’ve shared videos and pictures of this process on Instagram all along the lockdown and I was very happy to be told afterwards my colors cheered a few hearts up.

I hope exhibiting my prints with the National Supermarket will allow me to share a bit of the energy I got out of this perspective and process." 

Blooming nature, inspirational pictures, 2020 




Cut out canvas integrated on wood panels,

mixed media, 50x70cm, 2020



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